Welcome to my Porsche 911 Classic Car Restoration Video Series

This video series highlights the technical details of my Porsche 911 classic car restoration.  I’m starting with a stripped out shell from 1974 and backdating it to the earlier longhood look.

This is the quintessential 1973 Porsche RS look I hope to achieve.

1973 Porsche Carrera RS Sports Car

My Classic Car Restoration Future Plans

I plan to modify the suspension and brakes with improved aftermarket parts from Elephant Racing and Tarett Engineering as money and time allows.  Larger brakes from a late model Boxster will be used since this car didn’t come with any brakes and they seem to be the best bang for the buck.  The engine will be from a later Porsche 911 to with at least 3.0 liters and I hope to use a custom individual throttle bodies with a modern injection system and software.

In other words, this build will be a mashup of all Porsche’s best years.  The classic look of the early lightweight body with a more modern air-cooled drivetrain.  Call it a restomod or hotrod if you like, but I’m going to make it my own with custom touches along the way.  Please join me in this detailed restoration journey.

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  1. Steve Hamilton

    Hey Tom,

    I really enjoy your channel. I appreciate how you never miss a week of posting the vids! I wanted to get your thoughts on backdating a 993 to a long hood. I know there would be a lot of work to get the fenders and hood squared away, but I like the the engine, transmission and suspension in the 993. What do you think?

  2. Stephen Burger

    Tom – during your panel gap and alignment work have you (off camera) installed any door gaskets and front hood gaskets to check their effect on gaps and panel alignment. From my Porsche DIY work experience, I find the locations of the gasket channels with the gaskets installed is a significant factor in door and front hood gap dimensions and alignments which could create some “after paint” surprised Just curious. Thanks.

    • Tom Perazzo

      Yes, the original door gaskets are in place and the front hood seals are in place. I haven’t placed the side hood seals yet, but will do at the body work phase and block sanding phases. This is a good point to include the seals because it does affect panel alignment.

  3. Yes, the 993 is an awesome platform to drive. I’m not sure how much work would be involved in backdating one. I know that the fenders and hood from the G body series are bolt on modifications. On your car your would need to graft in pieces like I did.

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