Porsche 911 Backdate Project – DIY Work Begins on the Front Fenders

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In this episode I begin fabricating the brackets needed to convert this mid year fender to an earlier longhood fender.  This conversion is known as the infamous Porsche 911 backdate.  Some say its overdone and each year Porsche should be celebrated for what it is.  I agree with that sentiment when restoring a nice car, but my car was either going to be crushed after being left for dead in the Nevada desert or brought back to life by a hot rodder like me.  I’m not trying to flip this car to an uneducated buyer.  Instead this is my hotrod to build the way I want in the most cost effective means possible.

Porsche 911 Fender Backdate
Front Fender Backdate Begins

Porsche 911 Backdate Begins by Stripping Some Paint Off the Front Fender

One of the specialty tools used in this video is my favorite stripping sander linked below:

The Makita GV5010 sander is a great tool to run the 3M strip it disks.  The RPM is just right for quick paint removal without disintegrating the wheels.  You will need to find a longer bolt since the strip it discs are much thicker than sandpaper.  For large areas, I like to soften the paint with paint stripper too.


Paint Stripping Sander for 3M Strip it Disc

Paint stripper I use: https://amzn.to/2ql855E

The 3M discs are hard to find but they are sometime available on ebay here

Click here for the DIY sheet metal fabrication.


  1. I’d like to be involved in your itb (unless I can convince you of FI) EFI conversion. I have done several air pumpers now and specialize in 996/7 hi performance stand alone engine management calibrating. Custom harnesses are also a specialty of mine.

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