Frankenstein Rear Bumper Mashup – Porsche 911

If you’re in a hurry to see the video -> Click here

This week I modified and installed an OEM license plate panel on my backdate project. I decided to try a hybrid bumper approach where the center is steel and the sides are fiberglass. This allows me the best chance to align everything well and keep the costs down. An added benefit is the steel panel is actually lighter than the Fiberglass one.

Originally, I thought it would be simple to mount a rear fiberglass bumper, but mine didn’t fit as well as I hoped so I cut it into three pieces to get the width correct. That gave me the idea to use the lighter steel licence plate panel and then only use the fiberglass aftermarket parts on the rear corners.

I bought some cheap licence panels to fix and modify and that ended up taking a fair amount of time. I ended up using the worst one on my car and I will sell the best one to get back some of the money I spent on these.

I plan to make my own custom bumperettes sometime soon.