1973 RS Porsche Backdate Process. DIY Sheetmetal Hood Extension

This week I continued the 1973 RS Porsche Backdate process on the front hood. After the outer skin was extended the inner hood support structure also needed to be extended. This extension piece provides the structural support needed when open and closing the hood since there is no external hood handle. The front lip and inner panel becomes the hood handle. I had fun last week making this part at the beach and now it’s time to weld it in place and finish wrapping the outer skin around it.


Carrera RS Clone Mockup Complete

TIG welding this part in place was somewhat difficult because I didn’t have access to the backside to hammer the weld distortions out effectively. To make matters worse the backside of the panels were painted which can contaminate the weld during the TIG weld process. Several rounds of TIG torch cleaning and Tungsten sharpening was required.

I also made a new seal channel in under an hour. I considering buying this simple part, but at $50 delviered I challenged myself to make it myself. The material was insignificant at maybe $1 for the sheetmetal. Please watch the video below for all the details!

Please check out the outer skin Porsche backdate process here:

1973 RS Porsche Backdate