Porsche 911 Restoration Project

Welcome Porsche fans to Garage Time and my Porsche 911 restoration build! If you’re new to my site, here’s a quick video of the restoration work I do.

Each week I post a new video that chronicles my Porsche 911 restoration.  My approach can be summed up in a few words….

    Porsche Hotrod on a Budget???

A common misconception about Porsche ownership is that you need deep pockets for one of these early 911’s.

Well I’m going to prove that WRONG!

You won’t see me opening box after box of shiny new aftermarket or NOS parts to build this project.

Instead, I strive to fabricate many of my own parts making this build truly unique and my own.  While I don’t have a fully equipped shop like the pros do, I still strive for the highest quality outcome that I can.

Below is an Index of all my VLOG posts or you can use the search box on the right if you are looking for something in particular.  Click on any image for that video/post.

VLOG Index (newest to oldest)

Chassis Strengthening Modifications

Rust Repair – Front Suspension Pan

Panel Alignment Gaps & Bodywork

Porsche 911 Rear RS Flare Butt Weld

Porsche 911 Rear Bumper Backdate

Porsche RS Clone Front Bumper and Longhood Conversion

Porsche 911 Backdate – Front Fender Signal Box and Side Patch Panel Fabrication

Porsche 911 Restoration Tools
Car Restoration Tools

Love Tools? Here’s what I use and recommend.